Consulting Engineers focused on low or zero energy projects.

eZED offers technical know how, industry experience and a professional service.

Structural Engineering

High performance needs the right structure and envelope to be successful. We work hard to make our details structurally thermal bridge free to maximise thermal efficiency. Read more …

Building Physics

Take the guesswork out of detailing and ensure you don’t have a problem by design. Humidity, air flow and energy drivers weave a complex web through a building’s envelope. Read more …


Guarantee that your building has met your specified design criteria or expectations by considering a formal certification program such as Passivhaus, Green Star or Homestar.

Strapped and Lined Concrete Walls

Part 2 in our 10 Worst Details series

Underfloor Insulation

In our case-study of underfloor insulation we reveal the truth behind the common myths that are assumed in the design industry.

Mould Basics

Don’t tolerate mould in your home. Learn some basic facts here.

“Plan for the future because that’s where you are going to spend the rest of your life…”

Mark Twain

We are a carboNZero Certified Organisation

As a business we take care to keep our energy consumption to a minimum. We are organised and use email, teleconferencing and cloud based file sharing rather than driving or flying where ever possible. Our work output is all electronic and paperless which also means we can work remotely.

The operational control consolidation approach has been used to account for operational emissions with reference to the methodology described in the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064-1:2006 standards.
Our emissions as tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents (tCO2e) for the 12 month period to 31st March 2013 was 23.57 tCO2e.

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